7 Best Wine Accessories You Can't Live Without

What are the best wine accessories you should purchase?

  1. Portable wine key
  2. Wine decanter
  3. Crystal wine glass
  4. Polishing cloth
  5. Wine preserver
  6. Champagne stopper
  7. Tasting notebook


When it comes to building your wine collection, the drinks are not enough. It’s important to complete the entire collection with you the best wine accessories to match. From elegant wine openers that effortlessly uncork your favorite bottles to sophisticated wine decanters that unlock the full bouquet of flavors, these accessories are a wine enthusiast's dream come true. These elevate your wine enjoyment that brings out the best in every sip.

Portable Wine Key

A portable wine key, also known as a waiter's corkscrew or sommelier knife, is a compact and convenient tool used to open wine bottles. It comprises three main parts: the worm, the handle, and the lever arm.

The worm, a spiral-shaped metal or corkscrew, is inserted into the cork for removal. Meanwhile, the handle offers a comfortable grip, usually made of wood, plastic, or metal. The lever arm, on the other hand, is a hinged part, that serves as a lever to lift the cork when the worm is inserted.

Its small size makes it convenient for storage and portability, ideal for various occasions like picnics, outdoor events, or travel. Its simplicity and functionality make it an efficient tool for opening wine bottles with ease.

Wine Decanter

A wine decanter is a container crafted from glass or crystal, with a wide base and narrow neck, intended for transferring wine from its original bottle.

Its main purpose is to enhance the wine's flavor and aroma through aeration or breathing. Additionally, decanting involves exposing the wine to oxygen, which can soften harsh tannins, release aromatic compounds, and enhance the overall taste of wine.

Crystal Wine Glass

We all indeed have different facial features, such as the shape of our lips and noses. These features can actually play a role in determining which wine glass feels most comfortable and enjoyable to use.

For example, if you're someone who tends to appreciate looking at and sniffing your wine before drinking it, a crystal wine glass is highly regarded due to its exceptional clarity and brilliance. Its high-quality composition ensures superior transparency, enabling you to fully appreciate the wine's color, clarity, and visual presentation with utmost precision and clarity.

Polishing Cloth

A polishing cloth used to clean and polish wine glasses, ensuring they remain crystal clear and free from smudges, fingerprints, or water spots. This accessory enhances your wine-tasting experience by providing a clear view of the wine's color, intensity, taste, clarity, and visual presentation. It also keeps your wine glasses clean and polished, enabling you to fully observe and appreciate the wine's characteristics.

Wine Preserver

When wine is exposed to air after opening, it undergoes oxidation, resulting in a loss of flavor, aroma, and overall quality. A wine preserver helps in extending the freshness and shelf life of opened wine.

It forms a protective barrier between the wine and the air, which prevents oxidation and allows the wine to maintain its taste and aroma for a longer duration. Therefore, using this lets you savor your opened wine for an extended period without compromising its quality.

Champagne Stopper

Champagne Stopper

A champagne stopper, also known as a sparkling wine stopper, is used for resealing and preserving an opened bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. It maintains the wine's carbonation and prevents the escape of bubbles, ensuring the wine stays fresh for extended periods.

Usually, champagne stoppers feature a clamp-like mechanism with a rubber or silicone stopper attached. The stopper is inserted into the bottle's neck, and the clamp is tightened to create a secure and airtight sea, letting you enjoy the effervescence of your sparkling wine over multiple servings without losing its signature fizz.

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Tasting Notebook

Finally, taking notes while tasting wine may seem trivial, but it's invaluable. Memories can fade, especially after enjoying a few glasses of wine on special occasions. Therefore, jotting down your impressions helps preserve the nuances you loved. So, having a tasting notebook and taking down notes allow you to reflect on them later and refine your palate over time.

Key Takeaway

The best wine accessories can enhance your overall wine-drinking experience by improving the aesthetics, flavors, and convenience of enjoying wine. Additionally, they have an impact on the way we appreciate and enjoy wine. By investing in the right wine accessories, you can elevate your wine experience and make each glass of wine even more enjoyable and memorable.

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