10 Beer and Brewing Terms to Know

What are some brewing terms that you should know?

  1. Pale ale
  2. IPA
  3. Double IPA
  4. Juice
  5. Dry Hopped
  6. Hops
  7. Malt
  8. Wort
  9. Fermentation
  10. High-gravity beer

Get ready to unlock the language of beer! Besides the usual brands and variations, there are beer and brewing terms that would surely impress and make you look like a pro in front of your friends. It’s like having a backstage pass to the artistry behind your favorite drink.

From pale ale and IPA to high-gravity beer, each term holds a key to understanding the magic that happens in the brewhouse. So grab a pint, settle in, and let's embark on a journey of hoppy goodness and malty wonder. By the end, you'll be able to speak the language of brewers and savor your beer with a newfound appreciation.

Pale Ale

Picture a golden brew, shimmering under the sun, with a crisp and clean taste that dances on your palate. Pale ales are crafted with the finest pale malt, lending a delightful goodness to the beers. With their gentle hoppy character and low bitterness, these brews are perfect for those who seek a balanced and approachable drinking experience.



India Pale Ale is better known as IPA. These brews have bold flavors and enticing aromas that will take your tastebuds on a journey to new heights. Bursting with citrusy, tropical, floral, and pine notes, IPAs showcase the true power of hops.

Each sip is an adventure, as the multiple hop additions during brewing create a symphony of flavors that dance on your tongue. So, next time you crave a hoppy experience, try the Mahou IPA and enjoy its intense flavor that’s so easy to drink!

Double IPA

This brew takes hop flavor to a whole new level by doubling the amount of hops, resulting in intense hop flavors that will blow your taste buds away.

Not only does it deliver a hop-forward experience, but it also packs a punch with a higher alcohol content, reaching upwards of 7 percent. And that's not all! It has an alternate name that brewmasters are very familiar with—it’s often celebrated as an imperial ale, a title that truly reflects its grandeur.



Juice is a popular brewing term that has taken the beer community by storm. It’s a hazy, tropical, almost sweet IPA with vibrant flavors reminiscent of a luscious fruit juice—hence the name. These juicy IPAs are a feast for the eyes as well, with their mesmerizing orange tint and unfiltered appearance.

If you haven’t had a juicy IPA yet, have a sip of our Coedo Beniaka Sweet Potato Amber infused with caramel, sweet potato, and hops, and enjoy a fusion of rich flavor and bittersweet goodness.

Dry Hopped

Dry hopping is actually quite easy to understand. It’s a technique that infuses dry, uncooked hops at various stages of the fermentation process, resulting in beer that’s infused with strong and vibrant hop flavors.


Here come the hops! These little floral cones are responsible for your beer. No, really—they turn the drink into a symphony of bitterness, flavor, and irresistible aroma. During the brewing process, hops take center stage. Ones added in the first 30 minutes of the boil lend a touch of bitterness, while those added in the final 30 minutes unleash full and distinct flavor.

If you’re looking for a beer that lets you enjoy every sip, try our Coedo Marihana Session. It has a gorgeous scent of aroma hops with citrus flavor and pure white bubbles, leaving you wanting more!


Ah, the unsung hero of beer brewing. It’s none other than malt! This grain goes through a remarkable transformation in the brewing process, sprouting and being gently heated to unlock its full potential for the journey ahead. It's the foundation, the backbone, and the soul of every great beer. With its rich and complex flavors, malt brings depth and character to every sip.


Wort is the result of a carefully crafted blend of malt extract and hops. It’s actually a liquid solution of extracted grains that serves as a sugar source for beer yeasts. As it boils, the yeasts consume the wort, which creates alcohol, carbon dioxide, and additional flavors.



This is the very backbone of the brewing process, where humble ingredients are elevated to new heights of flavor and complexity. Going back to what we said about wort, fermentation happens when the yeast converts sugar or glucose to ethyl alcohol and CO2. As the yeast works its magic, the beer comes to life.

High-Gravity Beer

Finally, we’ve reached the last brewing term: high-gravity beer. Gravity is the amount of sugars that are added for fermentation during the beer brewing process, which of course also corresponds to the beer’s alcohol by volume level. While not for the faint of heart due to its high alcohol content, it’s perfect for craft beer enthusiasts who enjoy bold flavors and creative combinations of tastes.

Key Takeaway

Beer and brewing terms might be a niche topic, but they’re sure to impress anyone at a party or get-together. Plus, knowing them allows you to open up a world of beer flavors that you’ll remember for a while, even when you’re at a party enjoying a sip. From pale ales to high-gravity beers, knowing these terms helps you level up your beer game and delight your peers.

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